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In 2000, driven by a love for books, Tigrane Hadengue and Michka Seeliger-Chatelain created Mama Editions. Twenty years later, their publishing house has come a long way and accomplished much. Around a hundred volumes, vibrant and thought provoking as ever, still speak to their readers years after their first publication. The various series, from shamanism to organic gardening, are in tune with our fast-changing times. They have been translated into ten languages and continue to sow seeds of knowledge around the world. These books tell informative, personal stories written from the heart by adventurers in consciousness who are breaking new ground for tomorrow's planet.




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Spiritual Teachings from the Amazon Rainforest

Laurent Huguelit

After being asked by the Amazon Rainforest to lend her his voice, Laurent Huguelit shares with us the teachings he received from the Great Spirit the indigenous peoples call "Madre" — Mother.
Translation of Mère, L'Enseignement spirituel de la forêt amazonienne.



When I was Someone Else

Stéphane Allix

Setting off to discover himself can lead a man to travel strange paths.
Translation of  Lorsque j'étais quelqu'un d'autre.




The Splendor of Wounded Souls 

Agnès Stevenin

After the revelation of From Pain to Peace, Agnès Stevenin is back with a new book that unveils a universe as mysterious as it is nurturing.
Translation of  Splendeur des âmes blessées.


Dare to Be

Dare to Be
12 keys to being oneself

Marie-Pierre Dillenseger

A timeless and singular approach to reaching one's full potential in different domains.
Translation of Oser s'accomplir, 12 clés pour être soi.



Conversing with Spirits
Experiences at the very limit of the extraordinary

Martine Gercault

Discover new ways to access the subconscious and move toward a new joy of being. 
Translation of Une psy parle aux esprits.



Birth in Comics
Discover your superpowers!

Lucile Gomez

The first guide to childbirth in a comic book format — to better understand your body and enable you to give birth more naturally AND serenely. 
Translation of La Naissance en BD, Découvrez vos super pouvoirs.



The Organic Grow Book
Gardening Indoors & Outdoors

Karel Schelfhout & Michiel Panhuysen

This practical handbook reveals new organic gardening techniques. A compendium of secrets rediscovered and innovative tips. 
Translation of Le Bio Grow Book.



Some of our books have been published in other markets:




Stéphane Allix

Aby zrobić bilans swego życia, Stéphane Allix, francuski dziennikarz śledczy, udaje się do amazońskiej dżungli na medytacyjne odosobnienie. Nie przypuszcza nawet, co go tam spotka. W czasie jednej z medytacji ma wizję, niczym sen na jawie: widzi żołnierza II wojny światowej, esesmana, który umiera, trafiony w gardło odłamkiem pocisku. Jednocześnie w jego umyśle pojawiają się inne obrazy i informacje: imię, nazwisko, stopień wojskowy. Doświadczenie to bardzo go porusza, czuje bowiem dziwne pokrewieństwo z tym żołnierzem. Gdy po powrocie do kraju, odkrywa, że ten człowiek rzeczywiście istniał, rozpoczyna swe prywatne, emocjonujące śledztwo. Czy znajdzie wreszcie odpowiedź na egzystencjalne pytania, które się w nim kotłują od zawsze?

Translation (Polish) of Lorsque j'étais quelqu'un d'autre.


When I was Someone Else

Stéphane Allix

A journalist’s profound investigation into the reality behind an intense waking vision and the search for healing after death.

Translation of Lorsque j'étais quelqu'un d'autre.


Visionary ayahuasca

Visionary Ayahuasca
A Manual for Therapeutic and Spiritual Journeys

Jan Kounen

Over multiple trips to the Peruvian Amazon, filmmaker Jan Kounen was transformed from curious explorer to experienced ayahuasquero. This book, part memoir and part guide, would be an excellent first step prior to committing to a journey with ayahuasca.

Translation of Carnets de voyages intérieurs.


The Eight Circuits Of Creative Power

The Shamanic Path to Quantum Consciousness
The Eight Circuits of Creative Power

Laurent Huguelit

First outlined by Timothy Leary and later expanded by Robert Anton Wilson and Antero Alli, the eight-circuit model of consciousness describes the mind as operating through interconnected circuits of conscious awareness, with each circuit connected to certain behaviors and personality traits.

Translation of Les Huit Circuits de conscience.


The Psychotropic Mind

The Psychotropic Mind
The World according to Ayahuasca, Iboga, and Shamanism

Jan Kounen, Jeremy Narby & Vincent Ravalec

This book examines plant-centered shamanic practices, including initiations, hallucinogens, and altered states of consciousness. It discusses both the benefits and dangers awaiting those who seek to travel this ancient path.

Translation of Plantes et chamanisme.

Heilen mit Cannabis

Heilen mit Cannabis

Michka (Hrsg.)

Medizinisch verwendetes Cannabis ist ein effektives Heilmittel, das in Volksmedizin-Systemen seit Urzeiten weltweit zum Einsatz kommt. Die Bandbreite der mit Hanf behandelbaren Krankheiten, Symptome und Leiden ist besonders umfangreich. 

Translation of Se soigner avec le cannabis.