« L’autobiographie de Mila est intrigante et inspirante à bien des niveaux. Le conte personnel d’une des rares femmes icônes de l’industrie du cannabis. »
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How I Became The Hash Queen

How I Became the Hash Queen is an exciting personal account from one of the cannabis industry's rare female icons, a life story unlike any other that takes us from 1960s Amsterdam to the Himalayas, and to the burgeoning legal weed scene in the U.S.


Mila's autobiography is intriguing and inspiring on many levels. As a mother, inventor, traveler, lover, and spiritual practitioner, she has taken incredible risks and embarked on unimaginable adventures. Reinventing herself and creating businesses over and over, Mila supported her children and was a rebel at the same time. Her story is, by turns, a riveting travel-log of trekking through uncharted passes and to secret monasteries, and part ultra-personal account of love stories and heartbreaks. Mila takes us with her to the first parties on the beach in Goa, India, and into the heart of the sixties revolution in fashion and music in Amsterdam. Through it all, she faces the challenge of being a single mother, even as she becomes a pioneer in a traditionally male industry with her game-changing inventions, which have shaped the future of hash-making. This book offers an inside view into a wide variety of alternative worlds and experiences, in the company of a fascinating woman.



Mila, also known as “The Hash Queen”, was recently honored with being named one of the 100 most influential people in the world of cannabis—and her fame continues to expand.



Préface :  Jamie Craig


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Eine Kultikone.

Da wir Mila super finden, machen wir an dieser Stelle mal Werbung: Kauft das Buch! Top Frau!
Mary Jane Expo

Mila Jansen is the founder of the Pollinator company and better known as the Queen of Hashish for being a pioneer in the subject of hashish extractions.
Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum

Mila’s autobiography is intriguing and inspiring on many levels. As a mother, inventor, traveller, lover, and spiritual practitioner, she has taken on incredible challenges and embarked on unimaginable adventures.
L.A. Weekly

Mila, better known as the «Hash Queen», is a Dutch legend.
Sensi Seeds

As gripping as a novel, as colourful as a Bollywood movie and as philosophical as the Bhagavad Gita — Mila’s autobiography «How I became the Hash Queen» is one of those books that makes you look at your own life with fresh eyes.
Cannabis Magazine

En su libro de más de quinientas páginas, Mila comparte la historia de su vida. Y cualquiera que la conozca, sabe que Mila es una fuente inagotable de anécdotas maravillosas y extraordinarias.

Die in der Cannabisszene als Hash Queen bekannte Niederländerin Mila Jansen kann auf ein spannendes Leben im Zeichen des Hanfes zurückblicken.
High Times

Mila: How I became the Hash Queen is an adventurous page-turner detailing the life of cannabis' first lady.
Lucy's Rausch

Die bewegte Biografie von Mila, der Queen of Hash, ist hoch interessant zu lesen.

Un livre qui se lit comme un périple à travers les montagnes de l’Himalaya et les méandres de la vie.